Saturday, May 2, 2009


Nathan has starting to take more notice of Sophie and Kitty, but Kitty is smart enough to run in the other direction! Anyway, Friday Nathan was petting Sophie and I was trying like mad to get pictures of it.

First, let me point out that neither the dog nor the boy got hurt in the making to these pictures...

I love that last picture, it kind of looks like he's saying "what up ladies, I got my blue bib on and I'm feelin fine!"

Sophie is very gentle around Nathan. She usually tries to lick his face, which Nathan responds by opening his mouth and my guess is you know where this is going. Sophie is very jealous of Nathan still. Whenever Chris and I sit on the couch with Nathan between us, she will pace back and forth in front of us until we invite her up on the couch with us or until we pay attention to her.

Dogs can't live with 'em, rather not live without 'em. Sorry, Mom!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My baby can beat up your baby!!

If you can not read what Nathan's shirt says, it's "Sand Box Bully." I bought those pj's when I was pregnant for Nathan and I thought I remembered them being 12 month size, but they're 6 to 12 month (odd sizing if you ask me) and so I pulled them out this week all excited to put them on Nathan and he's practically out of them already!! Dang it, my little bully's growing so fast!! He weighed in at 19 lbs, 13 oz on March 16th and he was 27 and a quarter inches long!!! He really is getting big. He sits up on his own now as you can tell from the pictures, and he does not really like to be on his tummy which makes my wonder if he's going to skip crawling altogether and just jump up and start running some day?

Nathan has two teeth, both bottom front are through. He has been such a good baby even when you know his teeth are bothering him. I think he's getting close to cutting his top front teeth as well. He has been drooling a lot and his poor little cheeks are so red. Plus he goes in spurts where he will eat a lot one day and sleep a lot the next. It's either his teeth or maybe a growth spurt. Either way it's hard being 7 months old!

Chris and I are going to start teaching Nathan some basic signs to help him communicate more easily with us. He has already started to try and wave "bye-bye" when I leave him at daycare in the morning or when you say "bye-bye" and wave at him he will move him hands in a waving motion, but he does not lift his arms up, yet.

We were playing "SOOOOO BIG" in this picture. Nathan was kinda of craby because of his teeth, I really couldn't get him to smile, but I still think it's a sweet picture.

Well, that is the update from here, and the pj pictures are current as of 7:30 pm tonight, so YEA for me!! I acutally update my blog on the same day a took a picture for the first time since I went back to work!! WOOT for Suz!! If I don't toot my own horn every once in a while it would never be heard....

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nathan loves carrots!! He also loves sweet potatoes and pears. Butternut squash is just okay and he does not really like peas very much at all.

We go to the doctor on Monday for his six month wellness check and more shots! Yuck!

On a happier note Nathan finally rolls over, yes for real!! I still have to help a little, just get him started, but he gets right over and he cut his first tooth on Tuesday the 10th of March, so that's very exciting. He's been such a good boy even though he's cutting a tooth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nathan's found a new Friend

So Nathan has found a new friend to keep him company on those long afternoon naps...Mr. Froggy. Nathan likes his new friend because Mr. Froggy is soft and cuddly and easy to talk to. I have caught Nathan telling Mr. Froggy many a long story. Just the other day I woke up to Nathan cooing and laughing at the animals on his mobile. I think I may have a very talkative and creative boy on my hands.

For those of you who don't know, Nathan's been really sick this week. I took him to the Doctor on Monday the 16th and I was told that he has an upper respiratory infection and he was put on a nebulizer with Albutrol breathing treatments every four hours. He stayed home the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday. He went to Daycare on Wednesday and when I got him home he sounded worst, more weezy than before. I called the doctor's office and they told me to continue with the breathing treatments that night and to call first thing in the morning if he wasn't better. So this morning I ended up taking Nathan into the ER because I could hear him weezing across the hallway. He got two more breathing treatments and a steroid shot. They seemed to help for a while, he also had an x-ray and his lungs are clear so they ruled out pneumonia. They also tested him for RSV which was negative. I take him into the doctor again tomorrow for a follow up. Hopefully Nathan will start sounding and feeling better soon! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play time turns to sleepy time

We played

and played

and then we fell asleep...have sweet dreams little boy!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Four Month Wellness Check up

Well our little tough guy took his shots very well. He cried for a couple minutes, but was done by the time we left the exam room. Nathan's such a good boy!! He's now 16 pounds and 25 inches long. He's in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Our doctor has Nathan's looks great and he's healthy. He even slept through the night twice this week, so far!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Present fun

Yesterday Nathan's Christmas present arrived and he seems to like it. It's called the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. It ligths up and plays music as he jumps up and down and plays with the toys on the tray. Anyway, I had to take him in tomorrow for his 4 month wellness check and his second round of vaccines. I'll be interested to see how big he's gotten. I'll post an update tomorrow night or over the weekend.